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How To Draw A Camera In 9 Easy Steps

let’s learn how to draw a camera together with this easy to follow step by step tutorial you have to follow just 9 steps to complete your drawing it will be fun.

For almost a century, cameras have been the best companions for those who want to save their experiences, beyond the vague image that can end up becoming a memory. A party, a trip, a family event, a moment, a scene … there is no occasion or positive moment that nobody wants to preserve in time, with all the wealth that the details are capable of conforming when the image of what we see is so clear as the first time we experienced it.

What You Need

  1. Pencil
  2. sketchbook
  3. compass
  4. sketch pens

Now So let’s begin on

How To Draw A Camera Tutorial

Step 1

Start By drawing a square with curved corners

Step 2

draw a large circle into the middle of the square by using a compass.

2nd step of how to draw a camera

Step 3

Draw a slightly small circle in that large circle. this will be our camera’s lens.

Step 4

Draw one more circle slightly smaller than the 2nd circle

Step 5

draw a horizontal straight line

Step 6

On top of the camera draw an elongated rectangle this will serve as a button of the camera.

Step 7

Draw a small circle on the upper right-hand side of the camera this will be served as a camera’s lens.

Step 8

Add some more details to the camera this will look good.

Step 9

At last color your camera whichever color you like.


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