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How To Draw A Cow In 9 Easy Steps

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to draw a cow step by step with our easy to draw tutorial but first, let’s learn some facts about cows

The cow is one of the most popular mammals in the animal kingdom. It is herbivorous, that is, it feeds on herbs and plants, which is why it is a common landscape to observe cows in large fields feeding in this way. It is also recognised for being the female of the bull and an integral part of the so-called bovine cattle. Meanwhile, the species is formally called Bos Primigenius Taurus.

On the physical plane, it is characterized by having a significant bearing, the average usually weighs more than half a ton, a very thick head that culminates with two horns, hard skin, short hair of various colors, the most popular and recognized being white with spots black, limbs ending in hooves with a pair of fingers, and a certain long and bristly tail towards the end. Meanwhile, regarding its height, it is usually found at one and a half meters. that’s it, for now, let’s move on to

How To Draw A Cow Step By Step

Step 1

Start by drawing a small curved line add two more small curves and connect it with U shape oval this will be the head of our cow.

draw a cow head

Step 2

Draw a pair of horns just like it looks in the picture.


Step 3

Draw a half-circle on the bottom of the oval and add two small curved lines this will be the mouth of our cow.

how to draw a cow mourh

Step 4

Draw a pair of eyes

draw cows eyes

Step 5

Draw a pair of ears under the horn.


Step 6

Draw an oval for the body.

how to draw a cow body

Step 7

Draw a Pair of front legs

cow legs

Step 8

Draw two more backward legs and an udder.

cow udder

Step 9

To complete your drawing Color your cow with the color you like.

cow coloring page

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